Used Lucas Horizontal Boring Mill

Company Information

Founded in 1901, Lucas Precision specializes in Horizontal Boring Mills. While the mills are manufactured in the Czech Republic, the company’s corporate office is located in Cleveland, Ohio. However, the company is known and well-respected globally. Company services include: remanufacturing, retrofitting, and rebuilding horizontal mills.

What is a Horizontal Mill?

Lucas Horizontal Boring Mill

A Horizontal Boring Mill is a machine tool used to enlarge holes. Though the invention of the Horizontal Boring Mill came many years before the vertical mill, it is used less often and in ways that differ from the vertical mill. The main difference between the two mills is the spindle’s location and the work table:

  • the Horizontal Boring Mill’s spindle is placed horizontally, whereas a Vertical Mill’s spindle is placed vertically.
  • the Vertical Mill’s machine table moves perpendicular to the spindle axis of rotation while the Horizontal Milling machine’s work table moves parallel to the spindle axis of rotation.

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How to use a Horizontal Boring Mill

Luckily, the set-up and operation of a Horizontal Boring Mill is similar to the way in which you’d set up a vertical mill. If you’re skilled enough, you can find additional uses for this type of mill. Some have turned their mills into lathes or set them up to bore aprons. Still, others use them in place of surface grinders to save room in their machine shop.

Additional Resources

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